After more than 15 years of using the GivenGain brand for our group identity as well as our Foundation and fundraising platform, the time has come to separate the group brand from the other two – which continue as before.

To this end we are proud and excited to announce a new logo and name change for our group to Humanstate. In essence, Humanstate is a collection of companies and brands including PayProp, our largest commercial entity, as well as GivenGain and the Foundation.

As our operating companies continue to go from strength to strength, a new group brand will bring greater focus and clarity to the work of our platforms on the one hand, and the people who own and built them on the other.

At the centre of the new name is the idea of a shared human experience or ‘state’ of being, in which it is possible to make lives better and gain greater perspective through connected platforms.

This holds true whether we’re talking about dissolving the complexity of property settlements or breaking down the barriers of privilege between and within us.

You will see the new branding filter through in the next while and in our ongoing marketing efforts as we work to update our online properties, print materials and other assets as required.