At GivenGain we believe the most effective way for charities to raise funds is by mobilising big groups such as company employees or sporting event participants to fundraise together. That is why we’ve launched GivenGain Teams, a tool that targets corporate social investment managers, event organisers and all other groups wanting to fundraise together – schools, universities, clubs, families and even friends!

A Team-based approach allows fundraising to scale quickly by tapping into members’ personal networks to get donations. For example, the average GivenGain fundraiser raises $500, so if a corporate Team gets 100 supporters, it can raise $50,000!

How does it work? Teams must register on GivenGain to create a fundraising event (e.g. The PayProp Fun Run) benefiting charities specified by the organisers or members. Team members (e.g. PayProp employees) are then invited to start individual fundraising projects linked to the event and to share it with their family and friends to ask for donations.

Help us get the word out

We’ve already signed up Two Oceans Marathon and Cape Epic, two of the world’s premier sporting events. But if you have a contact at a company or event anywhere in the world who should use Teams for their fundraising, please e-mail Marius Maré, GivenGain’s marketing manager. A two-pager is currently in production and will be shared with you, so please think about people you can share it with at your old school, college or university!

See Teams in action here.