The UK sales training programme has had such success that we’ve decided to implement it across the Atlantic with our team in Toronto.

A week before the latest UK RSM training (and re-training – see above), Canada’s first sales intake (2018) visited Sevenoaks to receive standardised re-training of their own. A week later, the second Canadian intake (2019) received their initial training in Sevenoaks – side by side with the latest batch of UK RSMs.

While PayProp Canada has been the quickest to sign its first processing clients out of all the regions, the region’s initial remote sales approach has needed to be revisited in favour of the UK approach of drop-ins, says Tom Samodol, PayProp Director.

UK trainer-in-chief Neil Cobbold (Chief Operating Officer of PayProp UK) says the training was UK-specific (with some customisation), but 90% of the platform knowledge, sales methods, support channels and objections encountered in the market are standard.

Following this outing, Canada’s first RSMs will be re-energised to sell with more predictable success, but will also conduct their own training in Canada from now on. Until then, thanks to Neil and his team, and we wish the Canadian team much continued success!