GivenGain is far more than a cloud-based fundraising platform for charity supporters. Beneath the surface is a Swiss legal entity, the GivenGain Foundation, that embodies the purpose of GivenGain more eloquently than a sophisticated Web app or shiny front-end ever can.

As a Non-Profit Foundation we use our fee from donations to cover our costs and make enhancements to our platform – and not to pay shareholder dividends (as many other crowdfunding platforms do). Personal profit has never been the aim of our Founders, who created GivenGain in the belief that it is always more blessed to give than to receive.

While the GivenGain Foundation was incorporated as long ago as 2009, our clients have only really started to pay attention to the significance of its not-for-profit status with the launch of ‘GivenGain Teams’ in 2018. Previously, GivenGain was targeted mainly at charities and their supporters, and being a Foundation was not considered noteworthy in an ecosystem of non-profits. Lately, however, our entry into the commercial world of mass public events and corporates has seen our clients place more importance on dealing with non-profits as they seek to position themselves as socially responsible ‘citizens’.

Since the concept of a Foundation resonates so well with our evolving audience base, it has become key in how we speak about ourselves. Here are four key aspects that set us apart in the market:

  1. Our mission: The Foundation’s mission is to ‘enable global philanthropy’.
  2. Not-for-profit: Our Statutes state that we have ‘no profit motive’.
  3. Fees: Income from our donation fees will never be paid out to shareholders.
  4. Long-term: A foundation cannot dissolve itself, deviate from the will of the founders or be sold to another company.