On 2 September, the day of their quarterly meeting, the PayProp UK Sales team visited The Wright Event near West Malling, Kent, for a morning of meetings and training and an afternoon of team building.

In the first event, four teams competed in blindfolded driving. While one team member drove blindfolded around a coned course, another gave directions from the passenger seat. To make things just a bit nuttier, the navigators couldn’t use the words ‘left’ or ‘right’ – the ultimate test of their backseat driving skills.

Next, the team tried a spot of competitive archery and finally tackled a quad bike assault course complete with ramps and see-saws, where Sarah Jimenez tested her orienteering skills by leaving the marked course for a detour through the hedges.

While the team building activity was a lot of fun, events like this are also a crucial tool for promoting team cohesion. For the widely distributed PayProp UK sales team, the day was a memorable way to introduce the new team structure and clearly demonstrate the value of winning together.