Like other organisations around the world, Humanstate and our operating companies PayProp and GivenGain have been adapting our usual working arrangements to help protect our employees against the spread of coronavirus.

At the same time, we’ve been making sure we are as responsive as ever to our customers, and as accessible as ever to organisations needing our platforms to run their payments uninterrupted in a time of unprecedented upheaval.

Working remotely

As a technology company with offices around the world, we are long-time converts of using online tools and processes designed to collaborate effectively over long distances. This has now become the new normal for people living down the road from each other.

Staff at the Switzerland, UK, Canada and South Africa offices have all been given the required equipment and encouraged to work from home, in keeping with in-country government guidance. All our meetings have been moved online, and offline collaboration tools continue to be used when availability isn’t assured.

Servicing our customers

But while the ways in which we work have adapted, the work itself remains the same. Our clients have the assurance that PayProp and GivenGain – both online platforms featuring leading payment automation – will continue to deliver the same level of service as before.

In addition, our customer support teams continue to work at full strength during all regular working hours.

Remaining accessible to the market

The assurance of online business continuity also extends beyond our customers. Our sales teams are available to discuss and demo PayProp and GivenGain online, safeguarding our employees and those of other companies.

To safeguard everyone’s health and well-being, we are currently offering remote meetings, demos and training sessions covering the entire signup and onboarding process without the need for face-to-face contact. With local quarantines in place in all our markets, this is the only way to arrange a meeting, but that hasn’t stopped people from reaching out to us to hear about business assurance through PayProp or GivenGain. Please talk to us if you would like to discuss your options.

Yes, it’s difficult to think about making big business decisions in the current climate, but we sincerely believe both of our platforms can be part of the solution:
  • PayProp enables property professionals to receive, process and pay out rent without ever meeting in person or handling cash.
  • Meanwhile, GivenGain empowers charities to move their fundraising operations online and win donations from fundraisers and individual donors around the world.

Business unusual

Like other organisations around the world, we will be doing things differently while the coronavirus outbreak continues – and probably long after it has lifted. That means this period of adjustment is an opportunity to learn lessons and try out new ways of working. In a sense, ‘business as usual’ may never return.

But when it comes to processing payments, everything continues as before. For every PayProp-powered property manager in all four of our markets, and every fundraiser and charity using GivenGain around the world, automated payments continue to work exactly as they have until now – automatically and securely.

Because our payment platforms are integrated into the banking system, you can be sure that every payment is on time, accurate and accounted for. And because payments are automated according to rules you set, they can continue as normal when you are attending to other things.

During this time, our top priority is the well-being of the people we work with – our employees, our customers and everyone we come into contact with through our platforms. We are reviewing our response regularly as the situation develops, and will keep you updated on any changes.