11 May, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on businesses around the world, and ours was by no means exempt.
Worker at home on a laptop

But rather than focus on the negatives, Humanstate took the opportunity to accelerate plans to give our people the freedom to work from wherever they like – even after the pandemic is over.

To help equip everyone with the skills they needed to work in our exciting new distributed environment, Humanstate’s Employee Services team organised training for the entire company to enable everyone to make the most of the new opportunities in such a setup, while also helping everyone look after their own (and each other’s) wellbeing during the shock of social distancing that came with the pandemic.

We (virtually) welcomed Dr. Jaty Tam, the Medical Director and co-founder of Well Street, an organisation dedicated to “facilitating healthy behavioural changes to prevent disease and maintain wellness”.

During the hour-long session, attendees were given tremendously helpful tips on how to productively channel the added stress brought on by the pandemic, as well as building resilience and changing unhelpful mindsets. Dr. Tam also focused on techniques for attaining mindfulness, from breathing exercises to dealing with distractions – all of which are aimed at developing an understanding of how new ways of working can enhance productivity.

Part of the session was given over to practical steps people can take to help maintain a healthy work life, including tips on how to maximise sleep, find the perfect seated or standing position while working on the computer, and protect your eyesight.

This webinar, ended off with an insightful question-and-answer session, was the latest in a series designed especially for our people, based on the skills we all want to develop as part of our growth at Humanstate. To read more about life at Humanstate and the kind of people we’re looking for, visit our careers site.