We believe that today’s donors are looking for meaning and purpose in their lives. They desire significance and want to accomplish great things. GivenGain empowers them to raise funds and awareness for their causes by helping them to invest in ideas and people in whom they believe.

GivenGain is known primarily for two things:

  • We help individuals (‘Activists’) do extraordinary things to raise money for their favorite Causes;
  • We help charities and non-profits (‘Causes’) build strong and sustainable funding models.

We started GivenGain in 2001 with a clear and simple idea: enable global philanthropy by giving individuals and non-profits the tools they need to break down the barriers between and within us.

We believe that it's time for causes to stop paying extra fees and start getting down to serious fundraising. With GivenGain, any non-profit organization can now build powerful online fundraising communities at a fraction of the traditional time and cost.

Responsible organizations, whose strategy it is to either grow or establish a sustainable support base, enjoy three key benefits with GivenGain. First, the GivenGain Foundation provides a secure and trusted channel by which they can receive funds sent from any account, anywhere in the world and at any time. Secondly, we provide integrated cloud-based management tools that can be used in any strategy to develop and sustain a lasting relationship with their supporters. Third, our dedicated social fundraising platform makes it easy for causes to build a global support network from scratch.

Thanks to new technology, the GivenGain movement has become an important part of the emergence of an organized, private, non-profit sector that has quietly taken its place as a major economic, social and political force in nations around the world.

There are many ways to measure success, but our truest measure will always be the success of the projects listed on GivenGain. It’s not by trying to solve the “big issues” of our time that we have the greatest impact, but by helping our activists and causes achieve their own personal philanthropic goals.

Partnership is at the heart of what we do, and we work closely with a wide range of individuals, businesses and organizations that share our vision. We value cooperation and believe we can best achieve our goals by working together with others.

Many of the world’s most dynamic organizations are already GivenGain clients. Our causes span a broad cross section of sectors including education, human rights and civil liberties, faith-based organizations, and international networks of non-profit organizations and foundations.