The Humanstate story

Two brothers, a shared philosophy:
It is more blessed to give than to receive.


The GivenGain Foundation is a global leader in cloud-based fundraising.

Our platform enables charities, individuals, companies and events to run better fundraising operations and increase donations with tools that help them to build and manage relationships and win support for the causes they believe in.

We started GivenGain in 2001 with a simple idea: to enable global philanthropy by empowering individuals and non-profits to break down the barriers between and within ourselves.

Today, GivenGain is a global leader for fundraising in the cloud. We’re known primarily for two things: helping ordinary people to do extraordinary things to raise money for their favourite causes, and helping charities to build strong, sustainable funding models.

All donations made on GivenGain are managed by the GivenGain Foundation, a non-profit organisation registered in Switzerland.


The first bank-integrated and automated settlement platform for real estate agents.

PayProp is an automated transactional platform for real estate agents that is both easier to use and more powerful than existing solutions offered by banks and traditional software vendors.

We hit upon the idea of PayProp in 2004 when confronted with the complexity, fragmentation and lack of trust surrounding payments in the residential rental market. Building on GivenGain’s processing platform, we delivered a solution that automatically and securely collects payments from tenants and seamlessly pays all property owners, third parties and agents’ commissions – directly into their bank accounts.

PayProp eliminates inefficiencies in back-office operations, lowers administrative costs per transaction and applies leading technologies to automate entire process cycles. PayProp’s advanced technology enables property managers to collect and make fully reconciled payments.


The GivenGain Foundation, Switzerland

Since 2009, the GivenGain Foundation, a non-profit organisation registered in Switzerland, manages all donations made to the charitable projects listed on GivenGain. We’re growing fast, and the more donors and non-profits get involved, the more impact we’ll have.

The GivenGain Foundation was created to enable global philanthropy. It has no profit motive, and the percentage fee levied on donations is used only to cover costs and enhance GivenGain’s offering to clients – never to pay dividends to shareholders.

More than any sophisticated front end or app, the Foundation embodies the purpose of GivenGain. While companies usually wait to become commercially successful before considering their wider impact, GivenGain would not exist without the founding belief that “it is better to give than receive”. The GivenGain Foundation was not created as an afterthought, but as the purest expression of our values.


Our first "Villars de Vivre" event

Our annual alpine rendezvous for shareholders, company directors, employees, family and friends.

Giving back to the communities in which we live and work is one more way in which we seek to provide meaningful service – truly connecting and helping those in need.

As such, corporate responsibility is central to the values of the GivenGain Foundation, sitting alongside our mission to promote global philanthropy and supporting the way we manage our operations.

Our first Villars de Vivre event was held in collaboration with the Swiss composer and jazz pianist, Thierry Lang.


PayProp South Africa launches the PayProp Rental Index

PayProp’s Rental Index has transformed the way industry analysts access data about rental properties. The index uses real-time transaction data to provide the only comprehensive view of trends in the South African residential rental market – and is now routinely relied upon as a source by the South African media.

The Index was created in response to client requests for deeper insights into the letting portion of the property market. Historically, the industry had access to a wealth of detailed sales data, but little reliable information on average rents, growth rates, damage deposit ratios and agent commissions.

We were extremely fortunate in securing the services of leading economist Mike Schüssler, who helped us conceptualise, design and build the Index, which was launched in December 2011 at our first ever State of the Rental Industry conference.


PayProp launches in the United Kingdom

With payment processes just as disconnected in the UK letting market as elsewhere, the need for payment automation was just as pronounced in 2013. Analysts predicted that one in five Britons would rent a home by 2020 (it’s already come true), and automation was destined to play a key role in helping letting agents grow their businesses while maintaining the highest standards of security and efficiency.

Naspers invests in PayProp

Naspers – a leading multinational media and Internet group with operations in more than 133 countries and a market capitalisation of c. $50 billion – acquired a stake in PayProp’s South African operations in August 2013. The Naspers group’s principal operations are in Internet platforms, pay television and related technologies, and print media.


Tenant Assessment Report

PayProp’s Tenant Assessment Report evaluates tenants’ historic payment behaviour as well as their ability to afford the rent and risk profile – delivering deeper insight into their propensity to pay than a traditional credit check.

First Winter Developer Conference

Once a year we get all our developers together to brainstorm and see a different side of the people they work with every day. It could just be the coolest conference ever – skiing and snowboarding, fondue and raclette, crazy late-night conversations in mountain huts only reachable by snowmobile…


Rational Expectations investment

Rational Expectations – a private investment company of the Le Roux family – acquired a minority interest in our group in July 2015. Rational Expectations focuses on investments in private companies, predominantly in the financial services space. We believe their strong experience, especially in innovative financial services businesses, will be extremely valuable as our business continues to grow around the world.

The new GivenGain

A major GivenGain redesign, virtually from the ground up, thanks to our team of seriously talented designers and usability experts, amazing front-end coders, passionate developers and some very fussy testers. A leaner, lighter, more intuitive, more focused – and may we say, more beautiful GivenGain.


PayProp & African Rainbow Capital

We bought out Naspers’ shareholding in our South African PayProp operation and sold a substantial minority stake to African Rainbow Capital, effectively taking back control of the business and beginning a journey of equity-based transformation.

Our new group brand – Humanstate

After more than 15 years of using the GivenGain brand for our group identity as well as our fundraising activities, the time came to separate those brands. Our new name consists of two parts: it was chosen, firstly, to reflect our founding vision of enabling humane actions. Secondly, ‘state’ refers to the state of being human that unites us as people. Whatever else we are, we are humans first, and as a company it is that shared humanity that guides us. We call it the Soul of Humanstate.


PayProp Unit Management

After 12 years of establishing industry and market leadership in single-dwelling rental payment portfolios, PayProp launched PayProp Unit Management for body corporates, sectional titles and commercial letting schemes. PayProp Unit Management reduces the complexity of managing schemes through automation of invoicing, tenant payment reconciliation, arrears reduction and beneficiary payments, and the inclusion of a budgeting facility that lets managing agents track income and expenses per property and compare transactions to the budget in real time.

PayProp Canada launches in Toronto

The next phase in PayProp’s global expansion. PayProp now has operations in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Canada.


GivenGain launches Teams feature

At GivenGain we believe the most effective way for charities to raise funds is by mobilising groups to fundraise together on their behalf. That is why we launched Teams, a tool that targets corporate social responsibility managers, event organisers and other groups fundraising together – schools, universities, clubs, families and friends.

PayProp in landlords' pockets

Our first entry into mobile, the PayProp Owner app, went live. The app was developed for Android and iOS and can be found in both app stores.


PayProp US open for business

After two years of successful North American operation in Toronto, Canada, PayProp launched in Miami, Florida – our first foothold in the United States.

GivenGain teams up with Zwift and Njuko

A run of exciting new partnerships took GivenGain’s dream of global philanthropy to two major sporting communities. Zwift, the at-home training app connecting cyclists around the world, and Njuko, a custom event management platform, signed up to work with us to make fundraising simpler than ever for their participants.